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I am a programmer. Over the years, I've written a lot about Programming. This site collects some of these works, and is the repository for new articles.

My opinions about programming and other subjects change over time. For example, my book Extreme Perl was my early thinking on how to devolve responsibility in a team. The methodology parts are too structured, and are not consistent with how I evolve software now.

Evolution factors big in my current thinking about software. This wasn't always the case. I was a big fan of the waterfall model in the 1980s until I saw people and relationships as the core issue. Programming-in-the-large requires a team of trust.

Code evolves by integrating feedback. The more feedback, the better. A team of trust is fearless and can accept any feedback thrown at it. Team members are never fearless. Only in a team do we create a bond of trust that enables us to overcome our particular fears in any one instance.

Psychology figures centrally in my life and work. I strive to understand how my psyche affects my actions and reactions. I visit a psychologist regularly to help me integrate the feedback the real world throws at me. I also rely on my incredibly supportive family, friends, and work colleagues.

My opinions are informed mostly by my reading. You can find many reviews of books I find interesting on this site. I generally add a review a month.

Work is an extremely important part of my life. I have had rapture of the bits since I was nine. I am a principal in several companies all of which are serviced through bivio Software, Inc., which leverages and continuously evolves a large open-source platform called bOP.

In 2005 I started a non-profit called KidCommute to encourage kids to ride bikes to school, which operates a program called Boltage. Boltage runs a network of devices called ZAPs, which report the number of kids riding and walking at a number of schools in the US and Canada. I believe it's important to tend the common green.

I have not authored any patents nor do I intend to. I am proud to say that I ran the Swiss chapter for the League for Programming Freedom in the 1980s. It is less that I think patents are evil, but they are a waste of time and energy. My business strategy is to work in a tightly integrated team that produces a constant stream of great innovations.

This page will evolve over time. It'll reflect my current thinking on a variety of subjects, and serve as a jumping off point of what I think is relevant. Alternatively, you can sign up for the RSS feed for recent updates.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your feedback.

Via_Rob 12/31/2007
P.S. I believe, like many things, our society has a love/hate relationship with simplicity. You'll probably love/hate this site for its extreme simplicity. If you see no virtue in its design, you should probably read some of Edward Tufte's books.