BookReview: Art of Software Testing
by Glenford Myers, John Wiley & Sons, 1979

This small book is one of the classics on software testing. Myers covers boundary-values, equivalence classes, and how to test in general. The technical aspects of testing are still relevant. The process methodology is outdated.

[p12] A programmer should avoid attempting to test his or her own program.

[p13] A programming organization should not test its own programs.

[p16] a successful test case is one that detects an as-yet undiscovered error.

[p36] What subset of all possible test cases has the highest probability of detecting the most errors?

[p50] It is difficult to present a "cookbook" for boundary-value analysis, since it requires a degree of creativiy and a certain amount of specialization toward the problem at hand.

[p56] It has a beneficial side effect in pointing out incompleteness and ambiguities in the specification.

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